Google Ads 300$ Treshhold Account


Start today and get 300$ for your campaigns. Free Google Ads Credit. Decide your budget. Promote your web. Free help getting started. Pay only for clicks.



  • Google Ads Account;
  • Aged Google Ads (previously Adwords) is at least 6+ months old;
  • Google Ads account has 1 Active campaign (paused);
  • Ad spend – $200-300 (Currency corresponds to account country, in name and description specified equivalent in dollars);
  • Used only on white websites and campaigns;
  • Geo MIX (Mostly Ukrainian);
  • Proxy included;
  • User Agent included;
  • Cookies included

Example of authorization data (The format is for guidance only and may vary slightly):
login:password:recovery codes:proxy:user agent:cookies

Similar accounts with US geo are also available for purchase, availability and price can be checked in the support chat


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